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10 March 2016

This is an official notice from GTOKEN to clarify the following:

"PLAY TOKEN and MYCARD points can be mutually redeemed/exchanged with the ratio of 1:1", "Both MYCARD and PLAYTOKEN members can use both platforms to play games and there will also be 10BV on PLAYTOKEN platform" & "PLAYTOKEN will promote the new games at the same time as when MYCARD is promoting the new games".

The above information statements circulated online by miscellaneous blogs and websites are all INACCURATE. The content creator(s) do not represent GTOKEN nor our cooperation partners. Soft-World Intl. Corp. (智冠科技股份有限公司) should not be questioned or bothered by any third party, nor should Soft-World Intl. Corp. (智冠科技股份有限公司) be held liable for any unsubstantiated claims of service terms. Any questions regarding GTOKEN, PLAYTOKEN services and cooperation terms should be directed to our support[] or email [[email protected]].

Unless the statement is officially released by GTOKEN, otherwise information circulated online should not be regarded or interpreted as true.

Soft-World Intl. Corp. (智冠科技股份有限公司) should not be implicated by GTOKEN's external cooperation and should be indemnified from any misunderstanding that may arise.

GTOKEN would like to state that it's operations and cooperation are in compliance with Taiwan's legal regulations. We are committed to constantly reinforce our security measures/sensitive information archiving process to prevent breaches and leaks of sensitive information to be misappropriated and misused by unlawful entities. We would like to thank Soft-World Intl. Corp. (智冠科技股份有限公司) for pointing out the misappropriated data and falsified content posted online.