Introducing our new GTOKEN shareholder, Mr Fabian Lim

SINGAPORE - 21 October 2016 – /PRNewswire/ -- Introducing our new GTOKEN shareholder, Mr Fabian Lim.

“I see and believe in the vision and leadership of GTOKEN.”- Fabian Lim

We are pleased to share that Mr Fabian Lim has invested in GTOKEN.

Mr Fabian Lim focuses his practise on wealth strategies, with an emphasis on business building as a successful Serial Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Internet Millionaire.

Mr Fabian Lim brings years of experience of digital strategies and wealth of knowledge within online marketing, bringing an innovative approach to brand clarity, agility and growth through his integrated insights.

His largest project, is Southeast Asia’s first mobile platform for home, lifestyle & retail services that benefits the end users from all across the consumer world.

Mr Fabian Lim is one of the rare few Singaporeans to own and pilot his own private jet.

Please join us in welcoming Mr Fabian Lim as a Shareholder and in congratulating him for his accomplishments.